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Rig Site Supervisor Accommodations

WolfPack Rentals offers spacious living quarters to meet the needs of all clients. The 14'x72' mobile homes are designed specifically for oilfield use and are available in multiple floor plans.

Man Camp Accommodations

Man camp accommodations can be custom configured to house a large amount of personnel on a job site. Man camp accommodations provide not only living quarters but also each type of amenity needed to live and work on site.

Skid Houses

WolfPack Rentals offers a variety of skid house options. They include the following:

  • 46' 2 bedroom skid house
  • 60' 2 bedroom skid house with office
  • Safety meeting house (skid)

Working for WolfPack Rentals



FIELD Administrative clerk, NE Region
Since I started working at the age of 17, I have always been in a customer service role.  Over the last 8 years at Wolf Pack Rentals in the Northeast I have witnessed customer service in all aspects of my job.

We share a common goal to go above and beyond for our customers and put their needs first.  I can trust that our team – up to and including our CEO is always willing to help each other and look for ways to improve.  

I absolutely enjoy my job at WPR and I look forward to the many years to come



Field & yard supervisor, midland, tx
I’ve been with Wolf Pack Rentals for 2 ½ years in WestTexas, starting in Pecos and now in Midland. WPR has given me the freedom to work with the Service Tech teams to improve the way we work, increasing our quality and safety for customers.  

It’s rewarding how the entire management team makes time for the Techs and listens to them.



Operations manager, east texas region
I’m proud to say that I’ve worked from the ground up forWolf Pack Rentals and I’ve had the privilege to grow with the company.  

Over 20 years ago I started part-time and for the last 12 years I’ve been in an Operations Manager role.  WPR is one of the most loyal, family-oriented companies I’ve worked for.  

My team and I are willing to do what’s necessary to keep building this great company.
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