Steve Turner formed Wolf Pack Rentals in 2005. The Company was formed to address the demand of well-site accommodations in the Hallettsville, Texas area. The initial plan was to operate a sufficient amount of equipment to service two or three rigs. The company continued to grow beyond his expectations.  In 2009 Turner made the decision to merge Wolf Pack Rentals along with all of his other companies (Xxtreme Pipe Services, Xxtreme Pipe Storage and Xxtreme Tubular Processors that were later sold) to form Wolf Pack Energy Services, another oilfield service company controlled by Turner. Wolf Pack Rentals has grown from two employees to over one hundred and seventy-five employees. It provides rental equipment and services in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The corporate headquarters is located in Altair, Texas.


The Company has developed an expertise in providing equipment and services to meet our clients’ accommodation needs at remote sites. We are proud to say that we can supply equipment for warm or cold weather climates.