safety & quality assurance

Wolf Pack Rentals Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) is driven by leadership, commitment, and its reediness to provide resources for HSE matters. Wolf Pack Rentals is dedicated to providing a productive, safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors, clients, customers, and community. Our company takes pride in compliance with all applicable safety and health legal requirements, we are committed to our guiding principles, which include ensuring that safety, health and environment is first.


We acknowledge the importance of creating a positive safety culture through employee involvement and effective policies and procedures. Employee participation is an essential aspect of SHMS. Wolf Pack Rentals requires employees to participate effectively in the development of the safety and health policy and in the process of SHMS planning, implementation, training, evaluation and corrective action; and encourage employee participation by providing mechanism that ensure all employees are trained in and consulted on, all aspects of SHMS associated with their work. Safety and Health is a part of every operation.



In the growing culture of safety awareness, Wolf Pack Rentals continuous improvement involves seeking better ways to work, measuring performance and reporting against set targets. It is also about systematically evaluating compliance with procedures, standards and keeping up to date with regulations. We make it our priority to understand the causes of incidents and injuries; and openly acknowledge and promptly correct any deficiencies.